Saturday, June 13, 2015

Edgar Jarrin's baptism

A highlight of our mission, without a doubt was seeing our contact, Edgar Jarrin baptized on Saturday, June 13th.  
Elders Herrera, Santana, Kerby, Iris, Fabian, Edgar Jarrin, Pte y Hna Richardson
Presidente baptizes a very happy Edgar Jarrin
We met him and his mom while walking in the morning and his mom, Iris, asked us where we were from and why we were here.  We are quick to share our purpose in being here with anyone even remotely (or not) interested.  Within a couple weeks, she asked us to pray for her friend’s daughter.  That led to blessings, visits, and continued conversations in the early mornings as we passed each other.  Edgar was the one who asked us “Where our Church was?”  Now, that is a question we like!  We invited them in February and they’ve been regulars at Sacrament Meeting ever since.  
Pablo and Patricia, Edgar, Iris and Fabian
Fabian, Edgar and Iris Jarrin
Elders Kerby and Herrera teach the restoration
Edgar shares his joy and testimony

Edgar said he wanted a “sign” before being baptized in one breath, while in the other asking “Why is it that every time I read the BOM, I feel this heat and warmth inside?”  When he understood how the spirit works, he knew he had his answer.  
A picture of Elders Kerby and Herrera teaching at the Jarrin home
He was confirmed on Sunday by our assistant, Elder Santana, and is so happy.  There truly is no greater joy.

Elders Kerby, Santana and Folsom sing a beautiful number at the baptism

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