Friday, May 8, 2015

Dreams Sometimes Change People's Hearts

Elders N and N. went to Marco's (not a member) home to visit him and his wife who is a less active. Many missionaries had tried to visit them and were unable. The elders fasted and prayed a lot about this family and they actually opened up to them.   Marco had a dream one night where he saw Heavenly Father, who told him he needed “to overcome his pride and be baptized.” The next time the elders went to their home he said he wanted to be baptized; his wife was reactivated two weeks before his baptism.  (5/8/15)

Elder M.and C. They went to give a blessing to a new member who had moved into the ward. They asked if she had references and she said her daughter who is about 30 years old. Unfortunately, the daughter didn’t want anything to do with them.  After they had lunch with her one day, they left and remembered that they had forgotten something and had to return to the home. When they got there, the daughter was outside working; they talked her into listening to them in another visit. When they did she accepted a Book of Mormon and began to read it.  Elder Mogollon had a dream not long after that she was baptized.   He hoped his dream was inspired but didn't know.  When they went to visit her later, they asked her, “What she was going to do now?” She was surprised with the question, having had almost an identical dream the night before.  She told them that she needed “to be baptized.”  They were surprised, but she shared with them that she had seen herself in white and being baptized and saw the elders there as well.   She also saw somebody put their hands over her head. She didn't know what that meant, but it was all part of this experience.   (5/8/15)

Elder C.shared that when he was with Elder G, he had a dream where he saw the he and his companion dressed in white.  He saw many angels directing members to the chapel and turning contenders away.  He saw that Jesus Christ came down.  That was when he woke up with conviction.

Elder G. shared the dream of a 23 year old, Toa, who had a dream where two were dressed in white and one had the face of Elder Garcia.  She was baptized.  He also shared that Veronica (50) cried when she came in Church for a tour when she saw the same image of Jesus Chris that she had seen when someone important to her had died.  She was baptized.

Elder G.shared that a lady he had taught in Tulcan had a dream very similar to Lehi’s dream.

Hermana Rojas shared a story about Elena in Quinchuqui (less active).  She ate at a Salchipapa restaurant.  They introduced themselves to the owner who they had tried to meet before, but who had always avoided them; this time they gave her a huge hug.  She began to cry.  She said she had a dream with her son the night before and that he was going to visit her.  When the missionaries hugged her, she felt her son.  She invited them to teach her and was crying.  They felt the presence of her son and both of their fathers who had also died.

Elder Poma dreamed that he was in the spirit world and saw his (deceased) mom partaking of the sacrament.

Hermanas Espinoza and Carrasco shared that a woman they contacted had an amazing dream which was basically Lehi's dream.  She saw a tree with fruit on the opposite side of a rushing river.  When she contemplated crossing the river, she saw a man in uniform beckoning to her.  He helped her cross to where she was able to eat the most delicious fruit.  She knew nothing of the Book of Mormon so when the sisters shared with her 1 Ne 8, she was amazed to understand the interpretation.

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