Thursday, May 7, 2015

Angels do Exist #2

Elder Castillo said that in Chile he was on the street at 10:00 p.m. when a scary drunk man assaulted them and pulled out a gun.  Then all of a sudden he got scared by something.  He put his gun away and took off running.  They were ALONE in the street.
Elder Martinez shared at at eight years old when his mom was going through the Temple for the first time he woke up early and saw a woman in his door way dressed in white with a little white book.  When he described her to his mom, she said it sounded like her mother. 

Sister Furhriman (the wife of the Temple President) shared a beautiful experience.  When their daughter was on a mission in Lima Peru, her Mission President gave her and her companion a name of a less active or a reference.  One name stood out and she wanted to visit them.  When she and her companion arrived at the door, the husband opened the door and invited them in and told them that they had been waiting for them.  They asked why, and he said, “Because I had a dream and I saw your face and was told that you would come with an important message.  She asked when he had received the dream and it happened right when she received her mission call.
This was a mortal angel!!  Elder Gallego and Elder Leifer were working all day and night and praying constantly for guidance.  They were cold and hungry, when a man called them from across the street.  When they met, he told them that he was a member and offered them hot bizcochos (pastry).  That was a real miracle to them.
Elder Del Aguila said that an investigator shared a story about how she attended a baptism and when a new convert was bearing testimony, she saw an angel dressed in white on either side.  She was later baptized and is very active.

Elder Ashby was contacting with Elder Valentine.  A lady answered and said that three gringos had just been at her home days before.  They asked if it was for real since no missionaries had been there in that area.  
Elder Mauro Garcia said that in Peru in his training, he contacted around 100 people in one day and didn’t teach anyone.  He was discouraged when he heard a voice say, “Stop.”  He stopped on a corner when he heard, “Elder!”  A lady came up and wanted her niece and nephew to be baptized and they were.
Hermana Henderson shared that when she was in Peguche, they were visiting investigators.  A scary man lived in the same building.  He was drugged and angry.  One time when they were walking, they saw pure evil in him, but felt accompanied.  When she shared this with Hermana Urbina, she felt a hand on her back and KNEW it was her grandfather.

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