Friday, May 8, 2015

Pushing to the Limit

When Elder Barros and Elder Zambrano were in Comité del Pueblo, they knocked the entire street and at the very last house far down a hill they met a golden contact.  The mom and two children (Araceli y Catherine y Byron) were baptized.  They are now true converts.  He learned that they need to push to the very last house.  He shared how he came to know that there are people prepared and they only needed to go and find them.  (5/8/15)

Elder Barros also shared that one day he was resting on a curb, after throwing up and feeling miserable.  His companion suggested that they go home, but Elder Barros didn’t want to stop contacting.  As they walked down the street, they met Brother Sanchez, a less-active man who asked if they would help him.  They followed him to the Church where they met his wife.  They taught her and she was later baptized and he was reactivated.   “Even though I was sick, I gave more of myself.  The Lord sometimes tests us to see how much we want to find his children because there are people waiting.” (5/8/15)

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