Thursday, May 7, 2015

Angels do Exist #3

Elder Blas shared that his convert Isabelle said that when she was 14 years old and was in an Evangelist Church, she fainted and fell, but felt someone catch her and heard a voice that "down the road, the Lord had a work for her."  She was baptized.
Elder Luque had to go to an investigator’s apartment in the mountains.  They finished at 9:30 p.m. and there were no busses and taxis were too expensive.  A car pulled up in front of the home and offered to give them a ride.  At first they didn’t want to get in because it wasn’t yellow.  It turned out that the man was a Christian and he shared that he had felt the Lord tell him to stop because he needed to take them home.

Elder Suarez shared:  y bueno le cuento la experiencia que tuve cuando estaba con Elder Cárcamo enseñando en casa de unos menos activos mientras mi compañero estaba hablando de repente el gato de la familia De La Torre Tuqueres comenzó a molestar en la cocina y se paró en el refrigerador cuando de momento se quedó mirando fijamente en la parte de atrás donde estábamos sentado con mi compañero y era la escalera de la casa cuando mire solo estaba alumbrado hasta la mitad de la escalera y se sintió como que si alguien estaba allí... tiempo después el gato seguía molestando y después se pasó en la parte de abajo de la mesa del comedor y cuando mi compañero para ese entonces Elder Cárcamo estaba hablando sobre los niños pequeños que no necesitan ser bautizados yo agache mi cabeza para poder coger mi tacho para tomar agua y cuando alzo la cabeza veo que un niño estaba sentado en la meza del comedor mirando a mi compañero mientras el hablaba y se pudo sentir un ambiente diferente en el cual se podía saber que era un angelito que estaba presente en esa lección...
Después de unos días volvimos a casa de esa familia y preguntamos de una manera sencilla en la cual no sea incómoda para la familia y la Hna. Maria Estela nos dijo que ella tenía un hijo fallecido y que cuando ella estaba triste lo veía y conversaba con ella y que le daba fortaleza en sus tiempos tristes y de dificultades y eso para mí fue algo muy bonito el poder saber que ese pequeñito que vi en ese día de la lección fue un ángel del Señor..
y esa es mi experiencia que tuve en Otavalo..

Sister Hemsley wrote, “Before I left on my mission, my dad gave me a blessing where he used his priesthood to call down the powers of heaven and have angels to protect me while I was away. I always took that blessing very literally and knew there were always angels with me.

Once, in my first area in Riobamba, I was tracting with my companion, Hermana Lopez. We had gone all the way to the end of this path in a very rural area, knocking doors without a lot of success. We finally got to the last house at the end of this dirt path, and we were rejected again, so we turned around and started heading back the way we came. We hadn't gone too far when we were attacked by a group of dogs. I remember they came from nowhere.
There were five of them, all a decent size, running and barking with their teeth born. We both screamed and had just enough time to lower our backpacks to defend our legs. Hermana Lopez and I stood back to back when with the dogs at our legs when I screamed "Father, Help Us!" Immediately, out of nowhere, two teenagers came running up from behind a hill with rocks of glory. They threw the rocks at the dogs and they immediately dispersed. Trying to catch our breaths, we said thank you, and being kind of shaken, we hurried away from that area. It wasn't till later that I realized that those children really did seem like they appeared out of the blue. Whether from above, or from the earth, that boy and girl were a fulfillment of my father's blessing that day.”

Sisters Gomez and Davila were in Atacames and walking on a dark path to their apartment when they were attacked by a couple of men.  One of them knocked Sister Davila to the ground and was about to assault her when someone came from nowhere and scared them away.  When they looked to thank him, he was gone.  Sister Gomez believed that it was her deceased brother.

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