Friday, May 8, 2015

Miracles in the Families of Missionaries

Elder B. shared that his "mom had received her patriarchal blessing and is more active in the Church; his sister is coming back to church, and his dad is helping more at home.  His family has been doing much better since he came on his mission."  (5/8/15)

Elder A. shared that when he left for his mission, his family had a lot of debt, but during his mission, somehow, they've been able to pay all of them.  Another miracle is that his sister stayed on her mission.

Sister S. received a nice letter from her Mom in which she expressed forgiveness and was beginning to recognize her errors.  Sister S was praying for her and feeling more forgiveness in her heart.

Elder R. said that when he left for his mission his family didn't attend Church.  After he had been on his mission for one year, his parents looked up the missionaries and they are now active, sharing testimony and even have callings now.

Elder M said that during his mission, his mom had grown A LOT in her confidence in teaching and that she is now becoming a great teacher.  This was quite a miracle because she had been very quiet before.  He also said his family was more united and that they got a great tax refund for the first time in many years.

Elder N. said that his mom had read the Book of Mormon all the way through for the 1st time since he came on a mission

Elder E. said that his uncle who had been very worldly, was now receiving the missionary discussions.

Sister Sm. said her little sister who struggles with depression was now going on a mini mission to be on a bandwagon, playing trombone in Nauvoo.

Sister B. said that her brother who hadn't chosen to serve a mission, now wants to.

Elder R. shared that his family had told him that they can really feel the effect of his mission; they're more united, having more success, doing well in sports, grades, debate, etc.  They're happier.

Hermana W. said that her brother and sister in law were now communicating again with the family.

Hermana E. said that her step siblings were now active in the Church, a sister in-law was baptized and a brother decided to serve a mission.

Hermana S. said that her family got active.  The missionaries found her sister who was in Mexico.  Her parents are now having FHE and being missionaries.  When she left, no one was active. Her family members in Mexico were now listening to the missionaries and her Parents went back to the Temple. 

Elder C. said that his Dad had a huge debt.  While on mission, he had no merchandise for the store so he closed his store on Sundays.  Everything changed.  Now his living room is filled up again with merchandise.

Hermana Z.  said that her sister who hadn't wanted anything to do with the Church, has now gone through the Temple and is going to be sealed to her husband.  Her aunt and husband who had been involved in drugs got baptized while on her mission and are also going to be sealed.

Elder P. said that his family has improved economically

Elder O. said that his family was more soft, upbeat and attentive.

Elder C. said that his father who had been less active before is now fully active and paying a full tithing

Elder L. said that during his mission his sister has overcome anorexia.

Sister C. shared a true miracle.  She fasted to see her family on Christmas and miraculously was able to see them by skype. She had been disowned by her family prior to her mission and now they were telling her that she looked "radiant."  The mentioned that they were willing to go to Church and even listen to the missionaries.

Sister L. mentioned that her Mom had been somewhat less active and was now the Stake R.S. President.

Sister C. said that her two sisters used to fight and now their relationship was much better.  The less active sister was now active.

Elder G. shared who his Aunt who had been less active got sealed this year.  His father's brother and another aunt are also coming back to Church

Elder S. shared how during his mission, his father was able to get a good job, and his less active uncle came back to Church

Elder Y. was pleased to share that his family is out of debt and that his 22 year-old sister had changed, was helping people, had a calling and was sharing the gospel.

Hermana M. said that her brother who had been wrongfully accused of something has now been vindicated and is doing great.

Elder S. said that his parents who had been hospitalized for different things before his mission are now doing well.

Elder Q. had been the financial provider for his family before his mission and worried about his Mom, but he was pleased to share that because of his mission, his mom was doing much better.

Elder K. said that his sister had deep depression and was now doing much better.  His mom went back to school and got a great job as a lawyer.

Elder V. shared that his younger brother was on the road to inactivity, but decided to change his life and bore a super spiritual testimony.

Elder N. shared that one week after he got his call, his sister who couldn't get pregnant, got pregnant!  

Elder N.  said that his less active brother didn't serve a mission and is now active and studying at BYUI.  His mom is more spiritually oriented and his cousin is investigating the Church.

Sister N. said that her sister and brother in law who had been less active, are now doing much better.  Her sister is now a counselor in the primary presidency.

Elder P. was pleased to see that his less active mom's heart had softened and that her letters have improved.  He also said that his brother was writing more.

Sister E. was thrilled to know that her parents' marriage was getting better and that her mom's headaches were going away.

Sister I. could see how her brother Ricky's illness had helped soften her dad's heart.  He actually mentioned God, and read some of the BOM, something that had never happened.

Elder P. said that his sister was now attending Church

Elder B. shared that his dad stopped drinking while he was a missionary and was much more responsible

Elder G.  mentioned that his brother had graduated, bought a farm, all after returning from his mission.  Her sister who had been told that she couldn't have children was now pregnant.

Elder G. said his dad got married to his live in after five years of living together.  They are doing well financially.

Hermana H. mentioned that her brother who suffered from depression after his mission was doing better and closer to the family.

Hermana H. said that her non-member Dad went to see "Meet the Mormons" and her Dad cried when he saw the part about missionaries.

Hermana M. said that her Mom had hit a spiritual plateau and had a hard time going to Church.  Now she was doing things to bring about that change.

Sister P. said her Mom now had a calling in the Young Womens' organization.

Sister P. mentioned that her sister was the target of the rape in the Concepcion Chile Mission, but was transferred just a couple weeks earlier.

Sister T.  said that her brother who didn't want to serve a mission, is now wanting to go to the Temple, reading his scriptures

Hermana M. said that her mom, who struggled with vertigo, and had a very hard time when she left, was doing much better.

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